Phantom collisions?


I have an object that is supposed to get destroyed when it collides with another object. This usually works just fine, but occasionally the primary object will get destroyed when it is nowhere near the other object.

I have the following code in the script attached to the primary object:

function OnCollisionEnter (col : Collision)
    Debug.Log("Collided with " +;

    // do the destruction stuff

So I know it's reporting that it's colliding with the object it's nowhere near. Then, I also set up the spawning of gizmo objects on the primary object's collider and at the collision point when the collision happens, and a Debug.Break() to pause everything so I could confirm. The point of collision is being registered on the primary object's collider, but it's definitely not in contact with the collider that supposedly triggered the collision. (I have screenshots I can PM, or I suppose post here, if it would be helpful to see them.)

Has anyone run into this problem? Any suggestions as to what I can do to solve it?


ETA: Ok, so here are a couple screenshots. Ignore the blue and white gizmos. The darker green gizmo is the collider of the primary object that is supposed to get destroyed, the red gizmo is the point of collision, and of course you can see the paler green colliders on the object supposedly causing the collision.

wrong collision 1

wrong collision 3

I'd be interested in seeing a picture of what it looks like when the object collides.. er... doesn't collide. Would be better to post them here.

Only thing I can think is that your colliders are off-center from your meshes (for what reason, I wouldn't know). I've never had a problem with collisions randomly happening though, so there must be something odd in how your scene was set up.