Photo library access in immersive space?

Does anyone have a solution, I’m trying to have the ability to select a photo from the user’s photo library within my immersive polyspatial application?

I’ve tried Native Gallery plugin and in the simulator it works and opens the mac finder to select file, in debug it says Native Gallery permission granted but when trying on device the photo library doesn’t open.

Unity, what is the best workaround for this as this seems like something very simple and should be able to integrate for Poly Spatial.

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file an issue to github nativegallery?

I have done this already and the plugin developer is not sure if Vision Pro supports PHPickerViewController.

Has anyone been able to access the photo library using Polyspatial?

From my debugging it seems like the Vision Pro just isn’t opening the window. It doesn’t even ask for permission when I open the app, even though I marked it in the Info.plist file

it is documented PHPickerViewController | Apple Developer Documentation

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How to use PHPickerViewController in unity

write a plugin.

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I tried to write one, but all failed, could you share the file