photo Realistic rendering in unity.

Iam trying to acheive, this level of rendering in unity,


so far i got this:

how to get the surface reflection in unity, for the floor.

from the googling, i understood that it is not supported in unity.

so, is there any work around to mimic it? or only the cubemaped fake reflection is the way out?

i saw it in some projects for example a 2012 project called, sky castle.(in answer 1 since here only 2 pictures are allowed).

You want this: Reflection Probe

So, yes. You basically only use cubemaps. It is a great and realistic effect.

Hi @noorudheen, it’s possible, I’m using unity in visualization and not only. I know also cycles (blender’s enginge) well, but there is one problem - render time :slight_smile: Here is realtime but unity isn’t path tracker, just ray tracker but you can use it in your car.
You need little set up: reflection probe, turned on HDR lighting and off course some melatic/roughness materials.

  2. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  3. flashlight - YouTube
  4. To get render with bigger resolution than your screen is you may use free version Renderator
  6. But if you want animations (f.e. turnable) you need PRO version.

Planar reflections are how reflections are calculated in most instances like this.

Also remember, image effects/post processing is the key to making something looks good.