[Photon 2 - Pun 2] Help fix bug: item disappears in player 1's scene but player 2's scene doesn't

I'm having a problem where player 1 completes room creation it succeeds and the scene is loaded, and so does player 2, player 2 comes in and can see player 1, but the problem is player 1 picks up an object item, the item disappears player 1's scene, but player 2's scene still sees the item not disappearing but still there. I don't know how to fix player 2 seeing the item disappear. NPC too, player 1 finished loading the scene and saw NPC walk over but player 2 saw NPC didn't step over.
Like both scenes load separately. Please someone help me solve this problem!

Not all objects are automatically synchronized. PUN uses the PhotonView component to identify and sync objects via the network. Anything else one player does, will only happen on one client.