Photon assign objects in scene as player?

In my scene right now I have 2 player objects. What I want to do is when I load the scene with Photon, I want to assign one of the two objects to be my player. However, if I give both objects PhotonView components, they both act like my player and I can control both of them. Is there a way I can set my player to control only one of them, rather than both of them?

You gotta use the “PhotonView.IsMine” as explained [here][1]
Basically just disable the components that “aren’t” yours. I would recommend making a script for disabling multiple components. (Audio source, camera, controllers)

A good start would be:

        // Disable the components that should only be
        // active on the player we control
        if (!isLocalPlayer)
            for (int i = 0; i < componentsToDisable.Length; i++)
                componentsToDisable*.enabled = false;*

[1]: PhotonView controlling multiple FPS Controllers - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions