Photon card game problem.

Helo!!! I am making a online Multiplayer card game using photon and unity. The game is simple and not that technical. Now as i am new to photon and i have set up all the matchmaking system and i can join and create a room. Now i just want to ask that how should i code my game so that both the players in the room get the same cards. Like i have seen the documentation and they say use photon view i dont know on which game object i should put photon view as there is no physical player on scree in my case . I just have cards which players will play. Can anyone guide me through this like how can i solve this problem. Like in fps game they add photon view to player which spawns on screen but in case of card game there is no such player

The photonview is for items that all (or more than one) players should see. In your use case, it would seem that you would want it on all card backs that the players hold, and all cards that the player has played.

Since no one except the single player that holds the cards should see the cards in their own hand, those cards do not require a photonview, until they are played.