Photon ccu question

I want to add a multiplayer mode for a game I am making( the local multiplayer aspect is already complete).

What I could not understand after researching through multiple sources is what is ccu and how it works.

I would love if anyone can help me understand if I give the details on the kind of multiplayer game I am working on, it would be really appreciated :).

It is a 1 vs 1 game and the multiplayer aspect I am thinking of is pretty much like the networking in Miniclip’s “8 Ball Pool”.

Where there are random or friend request matchmaking.

is photon reliable for this type of multiplayer game? how many players (total) can play in my game with the 20 ccu?

I am also thinking about the Unity networking but am afraid of the whole free for a limited time aspect, should I use unity’s networking instead?

hello @Mman1235

You should google it first.

Here is a link.

20 ccu means. 20 player can be online with your game at a time.
Means if your game 1vs1 then there can be 10 room at a time.

There is free plugin on gitHub

You can try this. Best Luck for game