[Photon Cloud] Creates the object twice

I have something strange which I can't fix that :(
First of all, I create the Player object and after there in the his script (For example Player Controller) I want to create for his "Player Canvas" object.

What I did (In the script PlayerController which on the Player):
private void Start()
GameObject pCanvas = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("Player Canvas", Vector3.zero, Quaternion.identity, 0);

playerCanvas = pCanvas.GetComponent();
playerCanvas.Initiate(gameObject.transform, pView.owner.name);

if (pView.isMine)

The problem is when I'm as master joined to the room, all works fine. But, When the client is connects to the room, I see two more objects.
I want to see only one object which have "Player1_UI (The Player Canvas object)" for every Player.

What happens in the scene (objects): "Master, Master_UI", "Client, Client_UI", and more two objects "Player Canvas(Clone), Player Canvas(Clone)".
For example what I want to will happen in the scene (objects): "Master, Master_UI", "Client, Client_UI", Without these two objects ("Player Canvas(Clone)").

When the master is alone:

And when the client connects:

What I did wrong?

I hope you understand me.
Thanks! :)

Anyone? I really need help, I tried my ideas and nothing helps. Please :\

void Start()


Thanks you very much! I tried it before, But there was bug, But now I fixed it.

Can you explain the bug you have found?
I'm facing the same issue here...