Photon Cloud doesn't work correctly

Hi folks :slight_smile:
I will use Photon Cloud in my project but it doesn’t work.
I tried many things but nothings works.
Then i opened the Demo “Demoworker”. But this Demo also doesn’t work correct.

When i make a Executable and i run it, there a some problems.

  1. I can’t move the Character, only in the Editor i can move!
  2. The Character doesn’t fall down. It stays in Air.
  3. Client 1 is connecting and the all other Clients after them connecting, but if Client 2 connect with the Server it doesn’t see client 1. Client 3 doesn’t see Client 1 and 2 but all Clients that are connected after Client 3.
    So what is wrong with this script. I didn’t make any change of the files.
    Only open the Scene, compiled it and run…No errors, nothing like this…

Help, please…

Tobias, we both has written via E-Mail. Problems are gone. Thank You :wink:

Might you enlighten me as to how do you fix the room count always 0 problem? Even the tutorial projects doesn’t work anymore to me, and it had work before! :frowning:

You must import the Demos in a empty Project, no standard Scripts from Unity. Then it works.