Photon: Connecting problem

I have a very weird problem.
I am using Photon Unity Networking in my multiplayer project.
First I tried to connect from my windows 7 machine to another windows 7 machine, both with a 32-bit version of the program, which worked perfectly.
The next thing I tried was connecting to a mac machine with a 64-bit version of the program. And it didn’t work out at all! The program was able to launch, but all it always said was “connecting”!
It was a development build and if it couldn’t connect, it would have said so. (I checked for that)

Did you ensure that it is not blocked by the OSX firewall?

If a program gets blocked, that would lead to a ‘timeout’, which would cause it to take a fair amount of time to be detected before this is detected (I think 20s or even 30s).