Photon: How is CCU calculated?

So I’m thinking about switching my game over to use Photon. I’ve been advised multiple times to do so, and it seems a lot more reliable than Unity. It also professes to have no punch through issues and since we are developing for a college dorm audience, this is a huge bonus.

I just have one question: How is CCU calculated? For example, does 20 CCUs mean that 20 people can be in a single “match”/instance of the game, with multiple instances running? Or does it mean that the total number of people playing my game at the same time, despite being in separate “instances”/matches/lobbies, cannot exceed 20?

20 CCU means 20 concurrent users ie 20 users on the game at the same time.

For many games, the Photon Unity Networking Indie license available on the asset store, that offers 100 CCU, is enough to get quite far as 100 CCU, thats up to several thousand distinct players every day depending on how balanced the player schedule is. In case where you exceed that, ExitGames also offers 500CCU and 1000 CCU indie licenses on their store at a very low price (keep in mind that game servers themself cost $50-$150 a month if you were to host games yourself), allowing you to easily grow if required.