photon multiplayer camera seems to be only one,in

in photon multiplayer i can see just one camera
please see attached image for reference
i cant understand why this happens
please help me

THANKS IN ADVANCE53381-exe.png


Okay, so what I think is going wrong is that you have two cameras active on one client.

If you make a multiplayer game, you need to make sure that each client (every open copy of the game) only has ONE camera active at any time. So when you use Photon.Instantiate() you need to activate the camera for the player, but the camera for all other players need to be disabled.

If you are not instantiating the player when the game starts, then you need to change this otherwise you can not deal with various mechanics (such as new people joining the game).

If this doesn’t help, upload the code that you use for instantiating and I’ll check it out.

Edit: If you are not familiar with Photon and multiplayer, watch this series by Quill18: Multiplayer FPS in Unity 3d, Part 1: Introduction & Project Setup. It is a very good guide and if you watch the series you will have the basics down pretty well. (I used it to learn myself)

I am using third person camera to implement multiplayer using photon server networking. I have kept my camera in player child.
when I am makes exe file and running project from my editor, in exe file and unity editor window i can see just one camera focusing on both(in exe and editor window on single player). So i need to focus camera on each player so every player can play as indivisual palyer - which are spawn as player in mulltiplayer enviromment.

hope you are getting me…
thank you