Photon Multiplayer Respawn

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well today.

I have a few questions regarding Photon scripting for Multiplayer in Unity.

I am trying to make a pause menu with a “player reset” button that sends the player object back to a spawn point without affecting other players. With Photon, each player is a (clone) object with their own MainCamera. Is there a way to reference only the local player in the script when using an RPC command? How could I apply this function to a button in the pause menu UI?

Let me know if there is a batter place to ask this question. Thanks in advance.

The player prefab does not have to include the camera. It is just convenient in some cases but it can be changed.
RPCs always target a specific networked object (via the PhotonView and it's viewID).
I hope you found that already.

Thanks for the info —
I honestly have no idea how to set up the script for this, regardless