Photon Network Cant Destroy Player Objects

Hi all!

I instantiated some players with photon network. If a player kills another player, it’s destroyed only on killer’s screen. I tried to use RPC as

GetStabbed gs = GetComponent<GetStabbed>();
				PhotonView pv = GetComponent<PhotonView>();
					Debug.LogError ("FREAK OUT!!!!!");

But it didn’t work as i hoped. Die function is [RPC] but still i cant destroy them on network. I was trying to destroy them as standart Destroy(gameObject) then i made a search about photon and i found some PhotonNetwork.Destroy(gameObject); method.

It worked perfectly for passive enviroment objects! But not for players. When i try to kill another player it gives an error as

Failed to ‘network-remove’ GameObject. Client is neither owner nor masterClient taking over for owner who left: View (0)1001 on MyPlayer(Clone)

But both players dont kill each other. First I thought i’m killing the masterClient and someone has to take over the masterClient state but no one can kill anyone. Please help I’d be very grateful! Any help would be appreciated!

please help?