Photon network doesn't call RPC/OnPhotonSerializeView

I’m creating multi-player game with photon
I was able to put players in same room and able to instantiate ‘playerObj’.
but the problem is it does not call RPC or ‘OnPhotonSerializeView’ function.

i used Debug.Log() to check it and it wasn’t call at all…

I don’t know why it happens and how to fix it.
if anyone knows how to fix, please let me know

thank you!!

-Make sure the object’s photon view target is the script that contains the onphotonserializrview.

-For the script that has the serialize function make sure that at the top of the script it says : Photon.Monobehavior instead of : MonoBehavior

-im not sure why the rpc isnt working- you would have to give us the script you’re using.