Photon Network, how to spawn FPSController from Unity Standard Assets?

I know how to instantiate it and others… But when im building game
and enter server i can move 2nd player and 2nd player can move me :confused:

Please help me


please add a if (!PhotonView.isMine) return; condition to each Update, FixedUpdate and LateUpdate function (if used) of each script, which is attached to the instantiated game object having a PhotonView component. This way you avoid the described scenario.

You might want to try something like this but with correct script references.
NOTE: Make sure the move controller is disabled on the prefab and it is in the ‘Resources’ folder.

GameObject Player = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate (“FPSController”, this.transform.position, this.transform.rotation, 0);
player.GetComponent().enabled = true;

Hope This Helped :smiley: