Photon Network Instantiate Objects over Network

Hello, need a bit of help:

I am trying to spawn an object in front of the player over the network and allow all players to see that object, but:

Instantiate(BuildingObjects [CurrentObj].gameObject, obj.position, obj.rotation);

shows the object on my view, but not others.

I have tried to add PhotonNetwork.Instantiate… to it, but throws the error:

No overload method for method instantiate, takes 3 methods.

---- Am I missing something here?? – I have an RPC set up above the void, but not sure how to call this so that everyone can see the object being spawned over the network.

I have been looking at this code for far too long and need a little bit of help!

Something like:


void Spawning () {

if (PhotonNetwork.isMasterClient) {
	SpawnedObject obj = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate ("Enemies", transform.position, transform.rotation,0);



Put your prefab in the root of the resources folder and make sure the prefab’s name reflects the string, i.e. Enemies