Photon network +

I’m creating a multiplayer game with photon.but photon 2 is not high enough in terms of number of connections, so I’d like to switch to photon plus. But is it possible to take it at the end of the project. And what is the difference between buying it on the photon website and on unity?
Thank you for your answer,

Hello there, i think you should clarify some stuff regarding your project: What is your game about? How many players are supposed to play together?
What do you mean by

“photon 2 is not high enough in terms of number of connections”

In case you mean CCU because you want to stay in the “free zone” i can assure you that this is not a wise idea. In the end you have to expect to pay something to run a multiplayer game. Also PUN+ (Classic) is not supported from Unity versions 2020 onwards. So i would not suggest to go with this solution.