Photon Scoreboard

I am making a game using photon unity or Pun, I would like to make a scoreboard which has got the players name and the players amount of coins which is Getcomponent Greaterthan Playerstats Lessthan().Coins;. I do not know where to start and have not been able to find any useful tutorials or information to start.

I am not very good with unity networking or photon unity.

Should i use an array, a list, a dictionary or what? and how would i get the players name and their coin amounts and then display this for everyone to see.

I did some experiments using a collider that is huge and invisible that covers the whole map, the collider gets the players name and their score but i found it to just display the one players name over and over.

Please help, Thank in advance.

In you’re scene add an empty gameobject and add the following script:

GameObject[] players;
List<Float> playerScores = new List<Float>();

Void Update(){
players = GameObject.FindObjectsWithTag("Player");
foreach (GameObject g in players){


The networkCharacter script would contain serialized data such as the player’s score which is translated across the network

Actually needs to be g.transform.FindChild.