(Photon Server) Can I control bot player from server not from client?

Hay guys , i have some question on my mind that make me confuse for couple day, Can I control bot player from server not from client? for example in game FPS we have bot / AI that our enemy, Usually we code in unity to make that enemy behave like bot or AI that can search player in game and if it found player that bot / AI then shoot the player. Now the main question is can i like put the code or something on the server that make someday if i am update that code from server then bot in game will behave like code was I edited?? Sorry if my english bad. Thanks

You could do this but it's a lot harder than doing it from any client. Photon doesn't run in Unity, so a server doesn't know the scene, doesn't have the physics, etc. So you'd have to export all of that in a matter that makes sense to your game.

Albion online does this but it's a huge project. It made sense there but for most projects, I would say, better simulate AIs on the clients.

Thanks for reply @tobiass

Hello, this is an old post but i want to ask a similar question. In my card game (4 players), bots are running on a client's device (the first player who creates room, masterclient). First player's chair number is always zero. In the scene, there are 3 more chairs (1,2,3) for bots or for real players. There is no instatiated object in server side. There are just RPC data transfer between clients. For example, a player draws a card from deck, it sends info about card to other clients. In other client's device, the card is moving to that player's chair who draws card locally. If bot (controlled in first player's device) draws a card, again sends data to other clients over the first player.
The problem is, if first player leaves the game, the game ends. Other players have to exit from the game too. Because bots are controlled in first players device. So, is there any chance to control bots in cloud for my system?
btw, there is a single botController class in the scene. i attach this class for 3 chairs. If there is a real player at a chair class is ignored otherwise class works.

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Any answer still waiting