Photon Server Tutorials? Or Alternative Networking Asset

Does anyone know of a good up to date Photon Server tutorial? I can’t seem to find any that go through the whole process of setting up the server with server side logic and creating a simple unity game that connects to the server.

All I want is a server that can store instantiated objects with their “owner” details so when players reconnect they have access to them again.

Alternatively, does anyone recommend a different networking asset that offers free servers?
(Along with tutorials :))


Use the demoWorker, I found this extremely helpful, it port forwards itself and other players can make their own lobbies. Done.

(Demoworker AKA an asset in Demos.)

We list several tutorials in our docs page:

However, none of those is explicitly fitting for your case, sorry.

We look into supporting returning players but the server will have to buffer the last (few) state updates per PhotonView and that’s currently not built-in.

We are close to release a new Server Plugin SDK, which should simplify your implementation. Please get in touch via our forum.