Photon - stream player tag to all joined players

Okay, so I have a playerprefab contains a healthbar.

public float health;
public float damage;

void Start () {
     health = 100.0f;
     damage = 30.0f;

void Update () {
     if (health > 0){
          transform.tag = "Player";
     else if (health < 0) {
          transform.tag = "Death";

... (rest of the script)

As you can see, the prefab tag changes when health <0.
But I want it to stream to all other players.
If there are 2 players inside the game. only the tag of the player who died changes, which is normal. But for the other player, the tag of the player who died stays at “Player”. I need it also to change to death.
Someone who can help me out?



(how) do you synchronize the health value? Please make sure that you synchronize this value because your code checks and changes the tag only locally. This means that if the health values is not synchronized at all no other client will realize that the tag should be changed - you already noticed this.

Since setting the tag in every Update() call might not be very efficient, you should think about another solution, e.g. having an additional variable that describes if the character is dead. Something like this at the beginning of the Update() function:

if (isDead)

if (health <= 0.0f)
    transform.tag = "Death";
    isDead = true;