Photon switches player's camera


I’m trying to use the Free Animated Cartoon Soldier from the asset store with photon.
I’ve already set up a scene with everything working fine, as long as I use my own scripts (extended from the ones in the tutorial). But when I try to use the prefab 3rdperson that comes in the package (this one handles everything giving the character more realistic control than mines) when the second player joins the scene, both players switch their cameras but not their movements. With that I mean each player keeps controlling it’s own character, but he sees the view of the other player. I’ve noticed this also occurs, independently of the prefab, when the camera script is not correctly assigned. This is done by the next piece of code:

if(photonView.isMine()) {
    cameraScript.enabled = true;
} else {
    cameraScript.enabled = false;

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

PD: My first language is not English, so excuse me if I’ve made any mistakes or typos in the post

I suggest doing all of the Control and Camera setups when you instantiate your Players,

Here’s an example from a game I’m working on.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class NetworkManager : MonoBehaviour {

    public Camera PlayerCamera;
    public GameObject Spawn;

void OnJoinedRoom() {
        GameObject player = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("player", Spawn.transform.position, Spawn.transform.localRotation, 0);
        PlayerController controller = player.GetComponent<PlayerController>();
        controller.enabled = true;
        CameraController camera = PlayerCamera.GetComponent<CameraController>();
        camera.enabled = true;
        camera.Target = player.transform;

What’s the CameraController from I’m getting the same error as the guy had originally posted.