photon transform view not syncing???

So im making a flood escape game where one player presses a button and an object disappears. Everything is working but whenever one player clicks the button, it only opens up for that player and for the rest of the players it just shows closed. I put a photon transform view and attached it to the photon view but its still not working???

Hey there,

a transform view will not synchronize the current active state of an object. So in case you deactivated the object this will not work. What should work is to move the object somewhere offscreen. Since the transform view updates scale translation and rotation it should move for all players.

Be careful here: If this “door” is an object that you got multiple times in your game then updating all 3 values in the network will make you reach your max message limit quite fast.

A better solution would be to give your Bob script an rpc. This rpc will have no other job than to disable your gameobject. This will save a huge huge huge amount of traffic and will actually be able to disable and not only “store away” your door.

If you need help with that let me know.
Otherwise share some code how you currently solve this so that we might check for code issues.