[Photon Turnbased] Plugin 'Photon3Unity3D.dll' is used from several locations.

I've got this error when trying to Build and Run, but playing from the Editor works fine.

The error is: Plugin 'Photon3Unity3D.dll' is used from several locations.
I've searched for solutions but haven't been able to fix it yet.

I just need to build for Windows.
Theres a plugin on PhotonAssets/Plugins, PhotonAssets/Plugins/Metro, PhotonAssets/Plugins/WP8 and PhotonAssets-US/Plugins folders.

What should I do?
If I delete any of them or their folders the game won't build either.
If I change the plugin settings for every one of them to a different platform it won't build either.

This should be a setup problem and relatively easy to fix.
Depending on your compiler backend (Mono / IL2CPP), you have to setup your assemblies in a slightly different way. The setup is described in our forum.

I deleted the PhotonAssets-U5 folder and it worked.

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