Photon Unity Creating Reserved Slots

Hello im using the Phonton for my multiplayer game and as you may know you can only have 20 people on a free server and so i was thinking if there is away to have a free version of my game and then a paid version of my game (1 dollar) and then if the server is full it will check to see if any non-paid members are in game and kick them out so the paid member can join in. I was wondering if there was a way to do that.

Here is a rough guide to how it might be done

  • Limit the total number of players connected to the server to 19
  • When the 20th player joins then boot an unpaid player off the server. If the joining player is unpaid then boot them.

You will also need a way to identify players as paid or unpaid. You could use different versions of your game. Or you could maintain a backend database of users.

I’m not sure if photon has an API to access the total number of players connected. It definitely can be done inside of a room.