Photon won't connect

So tried to make my game again from scratch and it still won’t connect to photon.
Debug.log (“Joined lobby”); isn’t coming up…
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class ConnectOnline : MonoBehaviour {

	private string roomName = "PVPGame";

	void Start (){

		PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings ("V0.01");


	void OnJoinedLobby(){

		Debug.Log ("Connected In Lobby");

		RoomOptions roomOptions = new RoomOptions() { IsVisible = false, MaxPlayers = 2 };
		PhotonNetwork.JoinOrCreateRoom("room", roomOptions, TypedLobby.Default);

	void OnJoinedRoom (){
		Debug.Log ("Congratualtions In the Game");




please check if you have enabled autoJoinLobby by either enabling it via code PhotonNetwork.autoJoinLobby = true; or by enabling it by using the option from the PhotonServerSettings. If you don’t want to enable this option, you have to join the lobby manually by using PhotonNetwork.JoinLobby();. This would be best called from the OnConnectedToMaster() callback and only works, if autoJoinLobby option is disabled.