PhotonNetworking Player doesn't Spawn

Hey there,

so I followed this Multiplayer FPS tutorial Multiplayer FPS in Unity 3d, Part 4: Setting up the networking! - YouTube

But my “PlayerController” wont Spawn

Some people seem to have the same issue when I read the comments, but there is actually no solution. I am using Unity 4.3.4f1

Photon View Script is added and the FirstPersonController is in a Resources folder.
I get no error messages actually.

Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.

btw i am completly new to this :slight_smile:

My code

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class NetworkManager : MonoBehaviour {

	public Camera standbyCamera;

	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
	void Connect(){
		PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings("MultiFPS v001");
	void OnGui(){
		GUILayout.Label(PhotonNetwork.connectionStateDetailed.ToString() );
	void OnJoinedLobby(){
		Debug.Log ("OnJoinedLobby");
	void OnPhotonRandomJoinedFail(){
		Debug.Log ("OnPhotonRandomJoinedFail");
		PhotonNetwork.CreateRoom( null );
	void OnJoinedRoom(){
		Debug.Log ("OnJoinedRoom");

	void SpawnMyPlayer(){
		PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("PlayerController",, Quaternion.identity, 0);
		standbyCamera.enabled = false;

Yay it works! I had a typo mistake.

On line 22 I wrote void OnPhotonRandomJoinedFail()

It has to be void OnPhotonRandomJoinFailed()

Can you help me i have the same Problem.