Photoshop Drawing to Unity

How in the world can I take a simple 2d drawing with a transparent background and place it in my game world.

Either I cant just drop it in and when I attach it to a cube or plane there is always a white background.

Even after making some stupid alpha layer, it still just shows up with the standard cube color.


OK, first of all, make sure that when you export it to .png format. Then import it to your Unity project. Then create a Plane. GameObject > Create Other > Plane and drag the image from your project onto the Plane in your scene.

Now I take it that you got that far, but your image is white where it should be transparent…
But what you have got to do, is, click on the plane in your scene, and look at the “Mesh Render” component. What you have to do is click on the dropdown menu for the Shader. The shader will probably be on something like “Diffuse”… Change the shader to: “Transparent > Diffuse”. This will allow Unity to render the transparentness in your image…

That should then show your image with transparency!!!

Hope this helps you!!! Comment back if you need more help!


Well when I import it as a PNG, it just takes my image and makes it a big black square.

Hi all, I found a solution. For Unity technique, see Brackets’ tutorial called ANIMATE 2D CHARACTERS in Unity. I’ve been drawing sprites on Photoshop without any problems. For the animations though, I was drawing each frame in Photoshop instead of doing it on Unity.