Photoshop drawings loose quality in Unity?

I’m attempting to change my game’s UI to a hand-drawn style using photoshop. Once I’m done with an Icon, I export it as a JPEG. I’m familiar with import settings in regards to pixel art and maintaining its quality, but this seems to be an entirely different process. My drawings look perfect close up, but as you zoom out in the editor they lose a lot of quality. I’ve already tried many of ‘usual’ problems: changing my filter mode to point, turning off compression, turning of mip maps, turning of anti-aliasing in the project settings, ensuring my texture quality is the highest it can go in settings.

I think it may have something to do with pixels per unit, which I assumed needed to match the resolution of the image I was exporting, but that doesn’t seem to change much either. I’ve also tried exporting the file as a very large size (2000 x 2000) but it has the same effect.

If anybody has any tips on how to fix this, that would be great. Below are the icons zoomed in versus zoomed out in the game view.156434-gamequestion1.png

The things you have disabled are actually there specifically to fix this. What you are looking at here is aliasing - where there is a lot of high detail in a sub-pixel range, so you will end up with each pixel not being an accurate representation of the area it is supposed to be sampling. The conventional fix for this is mip-mapping, where the texture is pre-filtered for different sizes on screen such that lower resolution versions are more accurate in relation to the area they cover. For UI, mip-mapping is generally disabled as it can cause problems, so if you know that the image is going to always be that size on screen you should decrease the texture’s base resolution in the import settings.