Photoshop to Unity imported alpha Channel issue

So… I need some help with my game project. I have an object which needs to be saved with alpha channel (a chain link fence). I’m saving the obj as a targa file in Photoshop (alpha for transparency) but i keep getting a white background.

I’ve created the texture, created alpha channel and then flattened the image, saved as targa. POsting a few screens from unity and photoshop. I’ve checked for solutions online and everyone says to keep the BACKGROUND “layer” part white and alpha channel background black. I’ve tried the transparency shader in unity(which makes the whole obj just transparent and is useless in my case). Any mad geniuses out here?? thanks… CHeers!

change your shader to transperant diffuse bumped or try to
Save that PSD to PNG and chose transparent diffuse shader.

You need to use a transparency shader, and use a color on the material where the alpha in the color is not set to 100% transparency.

You need the alpha cutoff shader. Shaders/Transparent/Cutout. And you can use PSDs just fine.