PHP die/echo with value from table column...

So I am trying to retrieve data from my mySQL database through PHP. I don’t know any better way to do this, so I am just simply using the PHP die(String); to return my variable from the table. I have it set up like:

	$ins = mysql_query("SELECT `hunger` FROM SocietatemStorage WHERE `user` = '$user'");
		die ($ins);
		die ("Query unsuccessful");

Now as you all probably know, this doesn’t work. You simply cannot die with a mysql_query variable($ins). I don’t know and can’t think of any other way to retrieve a variable from my mySQL table/column. I also tried Debug.Logging what this die actually gives, and it gives ‘Resource #3’. Any help on the subject, new way of retrieving a variable or fixing this way, is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Found the answer: mysql_fetch_assoc.