PHP echo not appearing

HI, I am currently coding a login/register system using a video as a guide. For some reason the registration keeps failing.

I am using PHP and C# together and i know the PHP is being located as an access error to hasn’t shown. Also, the PHP is able to access the MAMP SQL database Im using. However, I am not getting the echo from my PHP may I please know the issue if it in my code or somewhere else. Thank you

C# code

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using TMPro;

public class RegisterScript : MonoBehaviour
    public TMP_InputField name;
    public TMP_InputField password;
    public Button registersubmit;

    public void RegisterCoroute()

    IEnumerator RegisterCo()
        WWWForm wwwform = new WWWForm();
        wwwform.AddField("playername", name.text);
        wwwform.AddField("playercode", password.text);
        WWW wwwaccess = new WWW("http://localhost/connectSQL/Registration.php", wwwform);
        yield return wwwaccess;
        if (wwwaccess.text.Trim() == "0"){
            Debug.Log("User created successfully.");
            Debug.Log("User creation fail. Error #" + wwwaccess.text);

    public void Verify()
        registersubmit.interactable = (name.text.Length >= 3 && password.text.Length >= 10);


PHP code

I figured out the issue. I missed a semi colon.