PHP Login not returning anything

Hello, I have been trying to code a login script. My problem is, it appears that my w.text is always empty when it returns to unity. Below I have linked to my codes. What am I doing wrong? Everything seems right but nothing is getting returned to unity from the php file. Am I not supposed to use echo? Should I use return?

Unity C# Code:
C# Code
PHP Code:
PHP Code

You are doing it all correctly execpt one thing, there is a no function in PHP that will be called automatically. Your main function has to be called somewhere inside that php script. probally like


   function main($formUse = true){.....}
   // calling the main funciton here
   // Close mySQL Connection

other than that everything looks fine. Or you can remove the whole function setup and jus write the statements inside that function outside. Both the ways it would work