PHP pass info to webplayer

Hello, I was just wondering if it was possible to generate a game ID in PHP.

I will try to explain it best I can.

Basically I was wondering if it was possible to set it up so that if the user visits:

Then it would set a variable in my webplayer stating that the user wants to join game with ID 1

Is this possible?

There was a method of getting the URL from the Application object, but when I tried it I found it didn’t work very well.

My preferred method is to communicate between my Unity Web Player and the Javascript in my web page.

My Unity Application

void Start()

public void GiveID(string ID)
     IDFromWebPage = ID;

My Web Page

function GetUnity() {
   if (typeof unityObject != "undefined") {
	return unityObject.getObjectById("unityPlayer");
   return null;
function GetID()
	//Set the ID...			
	var unity = GetUnity();
	unity.SendMessage("Main Camera","GiveID","<?php echo $_REQUEST['id']; ?>");

So in this example, my Unity application uses Application.ExternalCall which calls a Javascript function named GetID in my web page.

That function then gets a handle to my Unity object and calls ‘SendMessage’ to call the GiveID function within my Unity project with the ID value I was interested in.

NOTE: In the example below, the Unity script is on the object named “Main Camera”. You would need to alter your call to SendMessage to send the information to the appropriate Unity object.