Physic bug with applying force to a cube between two colliders

alt text

When we apply force upward on a 1x1x1 cube with
Mass = 2.8
Angular drag = 0.05
Use Gravity
Collision Discrete ( but we tried all three)
Freeze Pos Z
Freeze Rot X, Y

So our problem is that the same force applied upward does not yield the same result when a cube is between two level prefab platform (intersection).

What could cause this problem is beyond me for the moment we tried lots of manipulations without any good answers.

Thanks if anybody has a clue, this is easily reproducable if you want to try it out, if we are not using the physic engine, please point it to us, we need this to be fixed very quickly.


I’m just speculation here, but I think the problem is that it accounts for friction with the surface it is on. When it’s resting on two instead of one collider it’s harder to calculate the surface friction and it apparently makes a huge difference, I’m surprised it’s this big. It would be solved by combining the meshes though, which you probably want to be doing anyway if you’re using ‘prefab level blocks’.

We used the merge script with no success, I will ask my programmer to create a physic material and remove the friction, I will get back with the results.

Using physic materials does not resolve the problems, by the way for what it is worth, our prefabs for platforms are 3 units wide in Z.

We will cast a sphere under the cube when manipulating it checking for if we collide with intersections, augment de force for correction, but this is very unusual and our solution is hackish.

Anyone has a solution ?