physically based animation

Hi guys,

I'm trying to make some kind of physically based animation on Unity. I have a hand-made animation as a point of entry, and a character with his joints with their rigidbody associated and all of them linked by character joints (like a ragdoll).

I move this character by applying torques to each rigidbody.

Here it comes the question (warning: the question could be a bit tricky :S):

  • Knowing that applying torques to a joint is a double event, i mean when you apply forces to a rigidbody, you should apply the same force to both of the joints (action-reaction concept).

  • Does character joints take into account this?? when I apply action force to one joint, the reaction force in the other is automatically computated, or I have to do it myself?

  • Should I use other kinds of rigidbody? is possible to apply torques directly to a joint?

If you have read the entire question, thanks! and any help is apreciated ;)

I have tried to contact with physx support with no success... Any help here? or any information about where can I find some help