physically realistic animated character movement


here comes a unitynewbie's q

i'm trying to make my characters move in physically realistic i have their super realistic animations set up...just how to move them realistically? charactercontroller? - how to do jumping? when i started writing it with "forces" i realized im using physics so the physics engine should be better for this...tried going with a charactercontroller+rigidbody combo...the character isn't affected by gravity...

so..isntead of further boring you...i to do this?

im totally confused so id greatly appreciate any kind of help:)

ty all in advance:D

Although not directly what you're looking for but if you're going for realism worth to have a look at Locomotion System. If you're trying to really model your character physics you could have a script analyze the movements of the limbs and define a power derived from the movement speed in animation and a muscle strength parameter to determine the power transfer when the limb makes contact. The Locomotion System code can be used as an example how to analyse all animations to extract motion data from it.

Bear in mind that realistic looking games usually do not use physics based movements, but some kinematic approach (so the character still has colliders that can touch stuff, e.g. bend grass, push a table, etc.). Best example: soccer games do not use a physically correct ball (it'd neither be fun nor look realistic).