Physics 2D with tile collider corner problem

I spend a week to trying find solution for this problem, and there is nothing, today I spend additional 6 hours to try find how to solve this problem, but google, youtube knows nothing about it, just like this site, I tried change all parameters of physics 2D, even absurd numbers of 5000, 0.00001 to each, but it won’t help, I tried to change all parameters at rigidbody2D what I can, but it won’t work at all

So, problem is this, I add gifs, because here is possible to add only 500kb pics:
Running colliding problem
Sprite collider enter problem

My character (I used capsule collider) doing this microjumps during moving by tile colliders, I not push jump button when he goes, he doing it by himself and I hate this lags, I jump only in end of GIF for example, in second one is a problem with colliding, it feels like it he moves 1-2 additional frames into object because of speed and after teleports to correct positon

About microjumps I think it was problem with colliding with tile colliders corners, because with one LOOOOOONG sprite it don’t want to jump, but I anyway need to use tilemap collider, because… what the other way? Every time make polygon colliders for each level? But what if I want to remove some mountan tiles and change this place to bridge location? I need to edit this additional polygon collider? why it not want to normally work with tile collider? I not want to do the same work twice :c

So can you please help me, how I can fix this lags?

This is my physics2D settings:

Also please don’t write nothing about scripting, I can do this all with just scripting all movements instead of using physics2D, but I hardly want to use ONLY physics2D, I want to make it work correctly, and I already exhausted to trying to find the solution for this (

Really? No one can help me with this? (

Do you still need help? I know the solution (and problem). Just send me a mail if u want: