Physics Based Sprint and Jump?

So, I’m having a bit of trouble with something. In the default Unity player controller, if you hold sprint while jumping, you jump farther and faster, which is good. The problem is, if you let go of the sprint key mid jump, you slow down in mid air. I’d still like the player to be able to change direction mid air, but not be slowed by releasing shift until they land. Would the solution to this be a more physics based player controller? Something that adds velocity instead of setting a max speed for walking and sprinting and alternating between the two? I’m not really much of a programmer myself, and I’ve looked for solutions to this, but I can’t seem to figure it out or find any answers. Would I need to write a new script from scratch, or can the default script be edited to work the way I need it to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Essentially, what I’m trying to do is create a player controller that feels about the same as the player controller in Thief: The Dark Project, if that helps any.

Hmm… I’ve personally never worked with first person controllers, however if I were to approach this from third person I’d use AddForce (forcemode impulse) for jumping. This would require a rigidbody and a collider on your player. What is the default script? You may be able to just add that to it.

Because the modern jump is not a straight jump, it is a jump plus a bowing rotation. The rotation is about the center of mass, which acts as the hub of rotation.