Physics- cars flying off after collision

I’ve just started learning unity and I’m currently prototyping a game. I’m having an issue with the physics. This snippet is set to model vehicles crashing at their top speed-

The cars are being sent far too high up in the air for my liking and they seem to hang there for too long, it looks unrealistic. The cars have a simple box collider plus 4 wheel colliders, the mass of the cars is 2000 and they are set in motion using rigidbody.velocity.
I’ve tried making gravity stronger but it pulls tipped over cars back to normal which I think isn’t a nice aesthetic.

Any ideas?

Do you use the normal world scale? So 1m is 1 unit?

The mass as no effect on gravity. The gravity is specified as a constant acceleration 9.81m/s²

I’m not sure if the wheel colliders have an effect on this, but the in-air behaviour should be only gravity and the Rigidbody settings. Try to lower the drag.

try by increasing mass the object of the rigid body you created in your game
so that after collision your car might stops
or if you have sufficient mass then make a clear difference between the car’s mass and the mass of a colliding rigid body.

this is a unity physics collision bug… its still there in 2019 :frowning:
car crashes… sometimes it is launched vertically in the air like shot out of a cannon.
you can try changing things from discrete to continuous collision but then you’ll also get weird effects like the car starts to collide with itself if it has any sub objects or sub colliders, or colliding with a perfectly flat track it is driving along when it crosses a track segment to another mesh. :frowning:
good luck