Physics Collision problem(when ball enter to next ground) :( Seeking for solution from more than 1 month

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Hello I am making endless game In which ball is main player And the problem is that when the ball step in another ground It automaically satart to bounce even the ground is alligned perfectly.Please help me I am seeking for this solution for about more than one month . I am waiting for your reply .And my problem is same as in this video but my Main player is ball

This is a common issue and the first thing you should do is removing the faces at the seam between different ground sections. So those faces that you don’t see anyways. Keep in mind that this is only relevant for the mesh used for collision detection which doesn’t have to be the same as the visual mesh. Note that this usually reduces the effect but doesn’t remove it completely as there’s still an edge you can collide with. The only proper solution I know of is actually merging the collision mesh into a single mesh at runtime (or if the track is premade this can of course be done during development / edit time).