i have a robot with 2 rigid bodys and 4 colliders i was tring to keep the robot like hovering because i was doing procedural animation and i wanted the player to be able to push him and all worked good, untill i added another robot in any place, it is like if the rigidbodys became heavier(like if it were adding more gravity) like litterally makes the robot to literally get sticked to the ground. i realized that this just happens if i add more rigidbodys anywhere in the scene, im in unity 2020.2.0b9, its like the more rigidbodys are in the scene the more force i need to move one of them. this also happen if i select something in the editor(yes i dont understad either) actually i think i soved it disabling the gravity but it would be good to know why this is happening

in the Rigidbody component there is mass decrease the mass and check if it works

Are you saying that adding another robot in the scene with no shared game object with the first one, makes the robot heaver? If the rigid bodies were connected to each other I could understand that the total mass increases, but what you describe sound strange. Do you happen to be able to share a minimal project that these things happening in to make it easier to understand how it is set up?

After a while this started happening again, the force i needed to move a rigidbody was increasing whenever i put more things in to the scene, but not always this just happened when the fps were decreasing, so i realized how big was my stupidity, the gravity were not increasing my fps were decreasing and the code where i added force to my rigidbody were adding force per frame so i just needed to add Time.DeltaTime to the code

//i just multiplied all by time.deltatime and then i multiplied again by the number of fps i had so i could get the same result i had before whiout changing every thing else but if you multiply it by  50 or any other number that is bigger than 10 or 20 should be fine        

rigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.up * velocity * Time.deltaTime * 30);

hope this can help someone with the same issue in the future :slight_smile: