Physics - how to increase gravity overall speed


see, this is the game i am making. It’s a 2D game.

when user click the screen, a ball will jump(jumping direction is decided by the clicked point), and stop at B point.

I am using Physics to simulate. the procedure of jumping and falling is SLOW. It’s realistic, but for a game, I hope to increase overall speed
Currently, my setting: 1 Unit = 20 Pixels

There are some way to make it quicker:

  1. 1 Unit = 40 Pixels (it will make it twice quicker)
  2. increase gravity, say, 19.6 (it will make it twice quicker, too)

The first one does work. but every time i adjust the value, i need to adjust the sprite size and position in the scene (by the way, i’m using 2DToolkit)
The second one doesn’t work. it will make the ball pass through the platform(when falling a long distance)

Which one is better? or another way?

You can increase the gravity pull, but you should also lower the fixed timestep to get a better time resolution for the physics calculations. By default Unity has set the fixed time step to 0.02 (== 50fps) try using 0.01 (== 100fps) or 0.005 (== 200fps)

Keep in mind that a lower time step means more cpu load per frame. On weak hardware (especially mobile) this could give you additional problems as if the device can’t handle 200 Physics steps per second it will just drop some and the calculations might be way off. Also it could kill your visual FPS if the value is too high and the physics load too heavy.