Physics object slides while turning.

Hi there.

So I’ve got a ship that’s flying around using:

m_Rigidbody.AddRelativeTorque( m_CurrentPitchSpeed, m_CurrentYawSpeed, -m_CurrentRollSpeed, ForceMode.Acceleration );
m_Rigidbody.AddRelativeForce( 0.0f, 0.0f, m_CurrentEngineThrust, ForceMode.Acceleration );

The ship sort of slides a bit as I turn, almost as if it’s on ice. I tried changing ForceMode.Force, as well as tweaking my drag and thrust values. I can’t seem to eliminate the sliding!

Anyone have any idea what’s causing this and how I can correct it? It’s makes precise maneuvering nearly impossible since you have to overcompensate your aim as you slide around.

Thanks for the help!

I usually just use transform for moving stuff since it’s way easier than adding forces.

But judging from your description of it being like “ice” you might need to just adjust your “Mass”, “Drag”, “Angular Drag” properties in your rigid body. I think there may be other kinds of physics materials in Unity that might help but I never tried that.