Physics.OverlapBox colliding with disabled MeshCollider

I’m using this:

		Collider[] cols = Physics.OverlapBox(worldPos, new Vector3(1.39f, 1.39f, 1.39f), Quaternion.identity, BuildingData.buildingMask);

to look at an area. It always works and has for days, but I’ve found that if I have a disabled MeshCollider on one of my walls (built using ProBuilder) it triggers the OverlapBox even though the collider is off. This is of course undesirable, and is why I turn the collider off in those cases (dummy wall that gets moved around before placement, half-transparent, all colliders disabled).

If I remove the MeshCollider completely it stops throwing the error even though there is a BoxCollider the exact same dimensions/position that never hits while disabled.

Logically I want to assume it’s something wrong with the way ProBuilder is handling the collider, but it shouldn’t matter when it’s clearly disabled… should it?

i think Physics.OverlapBox doesn’t get the mesh collider because it doesn’t “exist”. make the mesh collider always active and set it to “IsTrigger” and in the Physics.OverlapBox set the Query Trigger Interaction to QueryTriggerInteraction.Collide.