Physics question in VR when hitting an object with a held object

How can I make the stick not really move the rock much as the mass is so different (10 to 1)? I’m assuming it’s only doing this because I’m holding it? This is using the OVRControllerPlayer

Pretty much. If the object you hold is kinematic, unity will try whatever it can to fix the collision. That may involve applying large forces to the object.

In fact, the heavier the object, the larger the theoretical force added to the system (though in reality it’s just a question of velocity).

The way to solve this is pretty simple, you:

  1. Increase the drag on the stone, so that it doesn’t move as far, not very good and will affect the feel of the trajectory.
  2. Don’t make the stick kinematic, and use a Joint to attach it to the hand. Set the joint to break if too much force is applied.
  3. Make the controller hand dynamic (non-kinematic) and use forces instead of positions. This can be a problem because the hand position might not match the real world controller position, but will allow you to limit the strength of the player.