Physics question...

Hello. I want to have a tether effect like in this (such as at 0:29), does anyone have any ideas on how that would be done? If it is too difficult to make a make an object behave like a piece of elastic, then how can I have an object shooter out and after a second or two, move towards its instantiating point? Thanks

Sorry, can't see the effect you're talking about, in China, no youtube. However, what you're describing is a feature of configurable joints.

Way down the list of options on configurable joints are the interesting parts that can make something come back to it's source, or any point, after it's stretched sufficiently to give you the response you're after. If you can't set this for the desired response in the Inspector, you can alter these numbers in code over time, massively increasing the range of options for effects and actions/occurrences of events.

Keep in mind, physics in gaming is much the same as physics in real life. If you were to setup a rig with rubber bands and a range of differently sized small rocks that you want a response from with the rubber bands, it would take some time to find the right sized rock and right thickness of rubber band to get the desired result. Physics in Unity or any package is much like this.

If you can find a way to better describe the exact thing you're wanting, I can probably come up with a list of exactly which parts of the configurable joint to set to what as a base point for experimenting.