Physics.Raycast not working on Vision Pro Simulator Play to Device App

Does Physics.Raycast not work for the Vision Pro Simulator when paired with the Play to Device app? It seems that it works with the Play window in the Unity Editor but not within the Xcode Vision Pro Simulator itself.

Normally, I’d use a touch event to place an object at a specific position. However, I need to extract the normal information of the object being touched from the event and the only way that I have found how to do that is through a Physics.Raycast event.

Any assistance that anyone could provide me is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I solved my own problem. On the Play to Device app on the Xcode Vision Pro simulator, keep in mind that the startInteractionRayDirection will not work, so you will need to convert the ray direction yourself using your starting position and the interactionPosition in the PolySpatial EnhancedTouch event.

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