Physics.simulate chews CPU but not using physics at all - Am I?

I have been profiling my application with the profiler. I am using Time.timeScale to control the speed of my application. As I increase the speed by adjusting the time scale, Physics.simulate chews up considerable CPU even though I am not simulating any physics. There are up to 300 calls. using almost as much CPU as Camera.Render!! Anyone have any clues?

Thanks in advance Tom

If you want to print out a list of all the components your game objects are using at run time, AngryAnt wrote a decent editor script that collates all the component types and lists them out for you.

So if in the future you need to find something of a particular type, you can use that.

I can't remember exactly how I fixed this. I think I found something obscure that I was creating dynamically through scripting that had a physics object on it. Once I removed it the physics calls were gone but it didn't turn out to have any appreciable effect on performance.